There's More Than One Type of Home Renovation Plan in East Tennessee

There’s More Than One Type of Home Renovation Plan

Have you spent your life thinking that there is only one way to renovate your home?

There are definitely more than one ways to renovate your home and boost sales. When renovating, you need to make sure that you make the right decision and plan strategically just so you do not have to face any loss.

Here are four ways you can renovate your home and reap the most benefits.  These plans are the most revisited by real estate agents

4 Types of Home Renovation Plans

Basic Plans

When you buy a home, you definitely look for the basic things and ensure that they are there before you move on to the other things. For instance, they would check for faulty lighting, leaking roofs, and busted doors. A long list of things like these is the most common aspect inspected for when buying a house. This is a standard for all kinds of homes. 

When you go higher up in the property scale, they might even ask you for things such as the number of bedrooms, porches, garages, and even back yards. These features of your home need to be in perfect shape if you want to attract a larger sum of money.

If you do not want to renovate every single thing, it is okay. You don’t have to, start with the absolute basic things first. You can get done with all the cheaper maintenances first and then move on to the more expensive renovations. These renovations do not particularly add value but maintain what the home is already valued at.

To make the necessary renovations you must first learn all about the properties in your surrounding area and that will help you decide exactly what renovations you need to make. Look at homes that are priced similarly and that will assist you in comparing the renovations you need to make. If you make unnecessary renovations you might make it hard for yourself to sell the property being in that neighborhood.

Curb Appeal

Just as the name suggests, you curb appeal so that prospective buyers take an increased interest in your house. The property needs to be picked and primed to ensure that buyers like it. According to experts these renovations do not amount to much and are often the reason for your property getting solder quicker than others. 

These renovations can include things like paint jobs, electric fixtures, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the exterior. If you want to save up on money and have the time on your hand, it’s best if you do these renovations yourself.

Do not make the mistake of going big and trying out new things entirely. It is best to stick with things that you already have and then you can expand on it later if needed. The more mess you make the more you’ll have to clean up and sort things. If you are thinking of making some big changes, you add lighting so that your home looks bright and attracts the attention of customers. 

Make sure you do not go overboard with the lighting itself. You can easily multiply the bill if you are not too careful. It is advised that do not go for designs that are in your face, be as subtle as your choices as you can be.

Value Added

Do you want to go big? If you want to go big with your choices make sure that you go for ones that will actually add value to your home. Real Estate Agents often suggest focusing on the kitchen when making such renovations. If the kitchen is elite, the chances of getting more value back are high. You can include new cabinets, an island perhaps or you can even go for different appliances.

Similarly, you can also go for the renovations in the bathrooms. There is a lot of space for what you can do. You can either get new sinks installed or change the shower curtain with its rusty rod. The possibilities are endless. When people come into your home they will every big and intricate detail.  They also are the ones that bring in the most money. Realtors sometimes even ask people to go for these renovations as they see potential in the property.

Personal Preference     

If you have always been waiting for a renovation and finally have the chance to put your personal preference to practice, know that it might not be as favorable as you would like it to be. They might pull in the big bucks for you but will not repay you in the same amount.

Most people go for things like pools, hot tubs, basement decor, and if you’re feeling extravagant, ponds and fountains. It is also a common misconception that swimming pools add a great deal of value to your home while the reality is much different. Pools are very costly and a hassle to deal with. If your customers do not have a requirement for an indoor pool you can happily put your house on the market without it.

If it is your heart that wants these features to be added to your property, then by all means go ahead. However, do not raise your expectations as there is no guarantee that the customer will acknowledge this and pay you a higher amount. In addition to that, stay wary of changes that are important for you but the customer won’t possibly care for. For example, if all houses in your vicinity have garages to park, do not turn yours into something else as your customers will not appreciate it.  

These home renovation and improvement plans are a great way for you to understand what will work and what might not. Consult with a realtor if you’d like as they can help you understand the market, the price range, and what changes you should be making. Selling your home can be difficult so it is best if you invest all your time and energy into making sure that you make the best decisions.

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